Freya Dalsjø is a Copenhagen based design studio



Double face cashmere collection

With our doubleface collection we attempt to create essential wardrobe stables, long lasting in quality and design. The development of these pieces is ongoing and the pieces stay available; they are not attached to a specific season. You can buy them as is or have them made made to measure and/or made in a special colour. We produce our doubleface wool and cashmere in Italy, north of Milan. All pieces are sewn invisibly by hand by our premium seamstresses, who have specialised in this rare craft since 1970.




With our bespoke works we strive to create objects of high aesthetic value, develop distinct and intricate handcraft through reworking traditional high end textiles. We aim to create sculptural, graphical yet delicate works with intricate detailing. Our work is created by hand in our atelier in Copenhagen and are available only as bespoke - made to order works. 

Through both directions we work solely with top quality single fiber 100% natural materials. Leftovers from our double face collection are reworked into sculptural one-of-a-kind works presented in our Bespoke collection. 




With our newly founded jewellery line, we strive towards creating expressive directional jewellery in sterling silver or 18 carat gold.  The jewellery is hand made in our atelier by Karis Dalsjø. 





Freya studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp before returning to Copenhagen to practise. Freya has exhibited her work at Copenhagen Contemporary, the National Museum of Denmark, the Danish Design Museum, and Salone del Mobile, Milan, in collaboration with the Danish Arts Foundation. 

In 2018 Freya Dalsjø received the prestigious 3 year grant given by the Danish Arts Foundation.

In 2021 Freya Dalsjø received the appreciation grant by the Danish National Bank. 


Karis Dalsjø has an MA in architecture and joined the team in 2020 to start up her jewellery practise. Karis is in charge of design and manufacturing of our hand made jewellery.